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    Pinky Out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vc3JWo2iiGc&t=116s

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    A Capital LAN Guild for people who where members of ATR Gamers or All That Remàins.

  • Closed Guild  ·  8 members

    Capital LAN Corp. Board, Admins, & Staff

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    Also open to Sister Wives and all butter enthusiasts.

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    We game

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    Welcome to Game Players United, a friendly group of diverse friends meeting in the same discord channel or LAN. Contact a @GPU OG member for access. GPU started with gamers from the Gamerz LAN, Game Player Anonymous LAN groups, and other friends meeting up at MassiveLAN and sticking together in voice channels after small LAN groups started to retire. MassiveLAN is currently our twice yearly event of choice where we meet with friends old and new.

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    You know who you are.

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    This guild hasn't provided a description.

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    Taviana Tactical and Googan Squad members

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    Placeholder text to get our ticket holder seats.

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