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[General Discussion] Shu'halo 72% horde, 28% alli (help pls Blizz)


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Q u o t e:

I know these numbers might not be very accurate but being an alliance character on Shu'halo and trying to do WG, I can tell there are way more horde. The 1 time I was actually in WG when we won was when I set my alarm for 3am EST and joined the first WG available. That was when I took 3 day straight setting my alarm to go off just before every WG. Out of those 3 days we had it 1 time.

Sorry to rant on for a bit there. Please Blizzard can Shu'halo get some love and atleast have someone check into our population.

I looked at it and it's not as bad as you said. Even if it were, there would still be others that would be a higher priority.

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