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[General Discussion] I thought when they had the Opt -In for Beta


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That it meant it was coming soon I think they're just throwing stuff at us to tide us over cause there is absolutely nothing new in WoW to do.ICC came out in December and we're coming up on July and still nothing.Don't get me wrong being playing for nearly 5yrs and love the game but never have I been this bored with it.

It will be coming "soon". It's important though to make sure those interested are signed up with their correct information so that when it does start, we can get you in should you be selected. We also want to make sure that those that are looking forward to the beta are aware that they will be activated via their Battle.net account and will not need to follow any links to any other sites. We are aware there are some phishing scams out there trying to take advantage of people's desires to be in the beta. And there is only one place where signing up to or activating a beta should happen (your Battle.net account via the main login on the site. ) Please be safe and we'll be getting the word out once we actually do enter into the beta.

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