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We have ZERO tolerance for hacking. Once a hacker, always a hacker. Anyone found cheating will be banned permenantly from all of our Ranked Servers. All members will be checked against standard sites such as AntiCheat Inc and Punk Buster. Our own review of your stats will be made using our stats site ATRStats.com



If you feel you've been banned unjustly, please post an appeal by looking up your player @ ATRStats.com

Be civil and reasonable in your appeal. "Flames" will cause appeal to be denied and being banned from the Forums.



Glitching or using Macros is prohibited. Members should not "teabag" other members. If just starting the server and all players are members, if you want to go "Pistols Only" that is fine, so long as all members agree. It should NOT be pushed. If a pug joins, go weapons hot. Do not try and push special restrictions on players joining the server. More often than not it will just drive the player away.



Players who have donated at least $20 in a given month will be given VIP access to our servers. This access will immediately join you into a server so that you do not have to wait in line. Keep in mind that this may not work on "Official Servers", it will work on "Ranked Servers".



When first turning on a new server the server will be an Official Server. On Official servers we do not have the ability to force VIP to work, kill, kick or ban players. However it does drive "Quick Play" traffic to the server, helping get it populated and get people aware of our group and that the server exists. After a reasonable trial period of allowing people to find the server, it will be switched to a Ranked server. Anyone found hacking on an Official Server will be banned from all our Ranked servers.


Ranked servers we have full control over. VIP will work and of course we can kill, kick, ban and enforce special rules such as "No Explosives" or "Pistols Only"



To be eligible for prizes at the end of each month, you must seed at least half the month during our "Prime Time" hours. Which is 8AM to 7PM. You do not need to seed that entire window, just a reasonable amount in that window to show effort being made to help us populate servers. We have reporting ability to know whether you just happened to be playing during that time, or if you were running the seeder application.



We need more people on in the mornings and afternoons to help get servers going. Seeders certainly help, but what really gets servers populated is actual players. We of course do not expect any member to sit in a server with a bunch of seeders and do nothing hoping another real person will join, but we are going to try and recognize those people that are making an effort and not just playing on a full server all day.



Members are required to help us populate servers. We do not expect them to do so 24/7, or by themselves, but if there are at least 4 active people on TeamSpeak then you should try jumping into a server with seeders and get it going. BURN OUT is real. If there aren't enough active people on TS, then you are not expected to sit in a server by yourself, do what you can to get people into servers and keep them there. 



Members are required to use TeamSpeak. We are going to be a little more selective when bringing new members into the group, and one requirement is that they join TS and stick around. We understand that many members have work or school so being on in the morning and afternoon is difficult. However please make an effort to jump on as often as possible. Even if just to check in, say hello, whatever. If you are available in the morning and afternoon, jump on and hang out for a bit. Even if you're by yourself, odds are someone else will join soon enough. We will often see members join, see no one on, and immediately quit. Only to see another member do the same thing a few minutes later. So in short, stick around!



We are all recruiters! Having a great game? Try to get those players into TeamSpeak and on our forums! The more active and good players (and we aren't even talking skill, just decent human beings) we have, the better. It will make our lives easier, servers pop faster, life is good. So get out there and spread the word. Post on BL Forums, Reddit, engage people in the servers. Get them talking and interested. We may do some kind of referral program (need Council vote and discussion), give some kind of reward or incentive for those getting good people into All That Rem

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Hello all,

Just dropped by to say hello. Nice site.

And really enjoy the rules for cheaters and hackers of course. I've revived my old PC Gaming AntiCheat Reporting System. Would be my pleasure to assist with that if and where possible.


Rules of Combat is dedicated to the acceptance & investigation of players & player reports who have been found to be in direct violation of the games ToS - (Terms of Service) agreement as set forth by the game makers and game developers. We provide players, server administrators and game server providers with a platform in which to report these violations directly.

With our revamped reporting system, the player, server administrator or game server provider can submit reports to us that will then be investigated and further evidence gathered by ourselves, verified then forwarded to the proper game administration respectively. We also provide server administration and assist server administrators with the tools they need to catch and protect their servers against cheaters, hackers and abusive players on a global level.

Rules of Combat is a community wide support system and launching platform for all game community members, clans, groups and game server providers to employ. We provide on site in game server intervention when requested as part of our clan protection & game community integration. Our mission is simple. Provide the global gaming community with a support system that works and they can depend on.


Thanks for reading,




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15 minutes ago, snowdog6978 said:

your rule of no swearing in a rated m game is fucking stupid and i hope your fucking crap ass server dies you dumb fucking panzy ass cunts


We do not have a rule of no swearing.  We do have a rule of no homophobic/racists/intolerant remarks, which you obviously broke.  You can just take your one hour ban and learn from it, or if you want, I am more than happy to turn in it to a permanent situation if you feel that strongly.  Thanks for stopping in. 



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1 hour ago, snowdog6978 said:

you all can go fuck yourselves its still a rated m fucking game if you can't handle some bad fucking words than maybe you shouldn't have a fucking server for a game that is rated for people 17 and up so shove it up your fucking cunt asses


You do realize that "bad" words are fine, right? I mean how old are you where you find this a topic to complain about?

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On 12/29/2016 at 7:48 PM, snowdog6978 said:

you all can go fuck yourselves its still a rated m fucking game if you can't handle some bad fucking words than maybe you shouldn't have a fucking server for a game that is rated for people 17 and up so shove it up your fucking cunt asses

Glad you decided to stop back by and take me up on my offer to make it permanent. 

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